8 things you should know about Washwow washing machine

8 things you should know about Washwow washing machine

If you’re thinking to invest a Washwow portable washing machine, it’s important to know does it fulfil your needs. Here are 8 things you better know about Washwow portable washing machine before you bring it home.

Washwow is a creative portable mini washer to wash your laundry anywhere and anytime especially perfect for travellers, students study abroad, those stay alone in hostel, backpacker, parent with new-born baby, sportsman etc. It makes doing laundry become easier, save water, electric and time without limitation of time and place.

It is a fully automatic machine, in another word, without using hand wash to wash your clothes, with one press button to adjust timer you wanted (20 minutes, 25 minutes or 30 minutes) depends on the dirt level of the clothes, you can just leave it there and it will start to clean your clothes automatically.

However, there are still a few questions make you doubt.
Let us answers some FAQ regarding to the product in order to clear your doubt. 

Here we go!


1. Material can and cannot been washed. Washwow does not damage to clothes because it functions without any agitation, It can wash for daily normal clothing like T-shirt, underwear, sport wear, baby cotton clothing, but not recommended to wash thicker clothing like coat, winter wear and silk material.  It can wash shoes as well for textiles material, but not recommended to wash leather or synthetic material.

2. The effectiveness. Effective for a certain dirt level of the clothes, it is using the "electrolytic water principle" to electrolyze into Reactive Oxygen Species and Hypochlorite Ion which is validated by scientific experiments, it able to remove the dirt from the clothes effectively and kills 99.99% of bacteria.

3. Yes or No for adding detergent? Don’t need, but it is possible to add detergent if you wish to wash off stubborn stains. If you wish to add detergent, please dissolve the detergent first in the water, do not pour the detergents directly on the machine. After used, be sure rinse with clear water to wash away the chemical material and put it in a cool place to dry out the machine.

4. Rinse with water after washed even not added detergent. We suggest rinsing it once again with clear water. 

5. Smell like bleach odour. Don’t worry, it’s normal to have bleach odour. As mentioned in the working principle of Washwow, the machine released Hypochlorous Acid which appears in our daily life, is a bleach-like ingredient that tastes like a chlorine in a swimming pool. It has the function of sterilizing and reduce odour, and it does not cause any harm to the human body.

6. The safety concern. Washwow is safe to use as it recognized by IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission), CE (Certificate of compliance) which is fulfil the safety international electrical standard. Furthermore, the cable has double insulation and there is no doubt about electrical leakage, but the timer control plug is not waterproof, please do not try to soak it in the water.

7. If the ability decreased? You may find out the machine couldn’t function well after sometimes when the bleach odour reduced. After a period of used, there may be dirt attached to the electrolytic sheet. For suggestion, immersed it in vinegar (non-fruit vinegar) up to 10 hours for maintenance. 

8. The lifetime. The symptom that shows the end-of-life can be define when the dirt cannot be clean off easily and bleach odour reduced. Basically, Washwow can last for 3-5 years in case of proper use. Please do not add baking soda as it will spoil the machine. Rinse the machine every time after used and place it in a cool place to dry for it to live longer. 


Washwow still has its own limitation like allow to wash fewer and non-ticker clothing, but in other hand, it could deliver amazing feeling for you as our technology is become more and more advanced nowadays, Washwow is a success innovation example to solve human problem. So, please don't blame it useless if used it in an improper way. We wish it could serve you better and be your great washer partner. We hope the above statement about Washwow are helpful for you. 

Once you’ve found that Washwow is the right washing machine for your needs, please don’t miss the chance to bring it home. Believe that it could make your life more convenient and easier in everywhere. It would be a great washer partner for you with its anti-bacteria technology, fast and eco-friendly washing capability.

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