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About Us

MYFEEL is FoodCycler authorised distributor in Malaysia. A Food Waste Machine that sold million units worldwide.

Focus on promoting good quality, sustainable, ESG related home products. We believe FoodCycler Composter is the solution for Malaysian family, turning food waste into organic fertilizer. Together, we start a better living today.


MYFEEL 是 FoodCycler 厨余机的马来西亚授权经销商。FoodCycler 來自加拿大,是一个在全球销售超过百万台的厨余机。

我们专注于推广更高质量、可持续、符合环境、社会及治理(ESG)标准的家用产品。我们相信,FoodCycler 厨余机是马来西亚家庭的解决方案,将食物垃圾有效地转化为有机肥料。让我们一起从今天开始,创造更好的生活。

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