5 facts about Futurous Air Purifier: Air is visible, smellable and portable

5 facts about Futurous Air Purifier: Air is visible, smellable and portable

Since when air pollution has become a normal situation happening in most of the ASEAN countries. The indoor air seems like clean and clear, but actually it's a hidden killer. Nowadays, it has becomes a luxury wish if you want to breathe clean air, but no worry, we have Futurous air purifier with essential oil diffusion can make your wish come true. Futurous air purifier can purify air and distribute fragrance so that you can enjoy a fresh and good air at anytime and anywhere.

Unbox Futurous portable air purifier

There is a main machine with HEPA filter, a USB cable for charging, a car base, and instruction manual in a package.


1. Prevent poisons and allergens must have high-standard HEPA filter

The industry's high-standard and high-efficiency HEPA12 filter is used to filter harmful substances with smaller diameters, effectively blocking PM2.5 that damages lung function, dust mites that cause allergies, pollen, or bacteria. 99% of ultra-fine particles larger than 0.3 microns cannot escape their interception.

*HEPA is a filter grade, the higher the number, the higher the grade.


2. Deodorization + Refresh

There is a kind of air that gives you a gentle feeling like a stream. Futurous air purifier not only removes harmful substances, but also uses negative ions to remove odors in the air, so that the air you breathe is clean and natural.


3. Air quality is good or bad? You will get know at one sight

The air hides many pollutants that cannot observed by eyes. However, Futurous air purifier fragrance is equipped with an air quality detector, which automatically monitors and displays the quality of the air.

There is 3 indicator lights to display which are yellow, green and red. red indicated poor air quality, yellow indicated fair and green indicated a good air quality. You are able to understand air quality just at one sight.


4. Filtering air is not enough? An addition function for fragrance

The first air purifier combined with the fragrance function, exclusive essential oil can be added to the filter, allowing the C10H16 molecule of monoterpene in the essential oil to function it. When the essential oil diffuses into the air, the C10H16 molecules of the monoterpene in the essential oil coat the dirt in the air to achieve the secondary air purification effect.

Expanding the fragrance smell while still maintaining the stability of humidity, unlike the general air humidifier that will increase the environmental humidity and the breeding of bacteria.


5. Easy to charge and carry, the first choice for car air purification

The air conditioner in the car cannot completely isolate the dirty air, so PM2.5 and exhaust gas will also sneak into the car when the doors and windows are opened and closed. For a long time, the closed car environment requires more air purification than the general space.


Due to the characteristics of portability and convenient USB charging, the small space in the car has become the best functioning for filtering the air and expanding fragrance. The additional car base makes it stand stability in the cup holder of the car and can be plugged into USB jack immediately, or else a power bank also will do.


Reconnect between better life and smart technology

The requirement for quality of life is the perseverance of the feeling of uncompromising quality. We do not follow the rules, just to re-establish the connection between technology and convenient life. Futurous portable air purifier with essential oil diffusion gives you good air that you can feel it in everywhere

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